“Foreign Supervised Providers: Country Specific Guidance” by the Department of State’s Office of Children’s Issues

Here you can find Foreign Supervised Providers: Country Specific Guidance.

The Office of Children’s Issues, Adoption Oversight Division provides the following information for accredited/approved adoption service providers’ (ASP) compliance with regulatory requirements regarding the supervision of foreign providers. Information about specific countries will generally be disseminated through public notices and the ASP listserv, as the Office of Children’s Issues becomes aware of it, and then added to this page, which will be updated as needed.

The information on the role of orphanages is specific to each country. Countries differ in their internal processes including, but not limited to, how they exert control over the adoption system, how they regulate orphanages, how adoption documents flow between government offices and government branches, the type and frequency of contact ASPs are permitted to have with orphanages, and more. ASPs should make informed, independent, provider-by-provider assessments of who should be supervised and who is exempt from supervision for every country in which they work.

This information is intended to be general guidance that does not preclude an accrediting entity from making a finding that an ASP should supervise a certain foreign provider, including an orphanage, if the circumstances warrant it. Please also note that foreign authorities may change rules and lift or apply some restrictions that would affect the role of U.S. ASPs with respect to foreign providers.

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