Launch The Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool

Here you can find Launch the EJScreen Tool.

The Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool, commonly referred to as EJScreen, is an online mapping tool developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The tool is designed to provide easy access to environmental and demographic information to help identify areas with potential environmental justice concerns.

Key features and functionalities of the EJScreen Tool include:
– Mapping Environmental Indicators
– Demographic and Socioeconomic Data
– Environmental Indicators
– Cumulative Impact Analysis
– Customizable Mapping
– Data Transparency
– Environmental Justice Screening and Analysis

EJScreen is widely used by various stakeholders, including environmental justice advocates, community organizations, researchers, and government agencies. It supports efforts to address and mitigate environmental disparities and inequalities by providing a comprehensive view of the intersection of environmental and social factors.

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