Transcript Delivery System (TDS)

Here you can find information about Transcript Delivery System (TDS).

The IRS Transcript Delivery System is an online tool that allows taxpayers and authorized third parties to access and obtain various types of tax transcripts.

Tax transcripts are detailed summaries of a taxpayer’s tax return information. They can include information such as the taxpayer’s adjusted gross income, filing status, and any changes made to the tax return. The IRS uses different types of transcripts for different purposes, including:

– Tax Return Transcript: This provides a summary of the original tax return as filed. It shows most line items from the return.
– Tax Account Transcript: This transcript includes information on the taxpayer’s financial transactions with the IRS, such as payments, penalties, and adjustments made after the return was filed.
– Record of Account Transcript: This combines the tax return and tax account transcripts into one comprehensive document.
– The Transcript Delivery System is commonly used by tax professionals, lenders, and individuals who need official documentation of their tax history for various purposes, such as obtaining a mortgage or student loan.

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